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Please Note – COVID-19: Parents and/or visitors at the NCC are no longer permitted within the rider waiting area or riders “D” and must sit in the Velodrome spectator area.

Bikes – Riders are welcome to use their own track bikes at Eastlands Velo sessions, or to use one of the NCC Dolan bikes.  The NCC  bikes can only be used for Club training sessions and must not be used for competition events such as track leagues etc.

Eastlands Velo also has a limited number of bikes which can be allocated to riders at Coaches’ discretion, to take part in racing events after they have completed Track Accreditation.  There are no charges to club members for these bikes.

Any rider wishing to take any bike onto the track which they have not previously ridden, should speak to Eastlands Velo Coaches beforehand.

Please note that the maximum gear allowed on our Monday and Saturday session is 81″ (6.45m or Youth B).

For information on track bike specification or BC gearing restrictions, please see Useful Documents.

Please remember – track bikes are designed for velodrome use only and are not legal or safe to use on the road without the addition of a properly functioning front brake.