Training Sessions

Beginners – Everyone starts at our Monday evening beginners session, which is also open to non-members. This is for riders from 10 to 15 years of age and runs every Monday (except Bank Holidays) from 6pm to 7pm.

It is for all riders who are new to track cycling or who haven’t previously ridden on an Eastlands Velo session. The aim at this level is to teach riders the basic skills and techniques they need to ride safely and confidently with others on the track. The session focuses on riders learning these bike-handling skills in a fun and supportive environment, then getting the chance to progress to track racing and more advanced skills on our Saturday session. To advance a rider from Monday to Saturday, the coaches need to be sure that he or she has developed the necessary skills, awareness and fitness. Coaches will monitor each rider’s progress and assess them for Saturdays. Cyclists join the Monday session at different levels of ability, fitness and experience, so it is impossible to say how long it will be before someone is ready for this first accreditation, but normally we would expect a rider to complete at least four Monday sessions before being accredited. Please remember that we cannot guarantee a rider will always be ready to progress after four sessions. If you think you need more practice then try the velodrome’s own youth sessions

It costs £5.20 (Discounted to £4.20 for Manchester residents*) to ride the one hour session, and this includes bike and helmet hire. Places are limited and must be booked and paid for in advance.

Monday bookings

We are taking bookings for our Monday beginners sessions until Monday March 19. The velodrome will be closed for track resurfacing from March 22; this work is expected to be completed by early June. Closer to the reopening date, the club will publish further Monday booking details on this website.

To book on, you must first complete and submit the Monday registration form, which will then lead you through to the booking calendar and payment page. Thanks. (The form is on, so you will leave

Intermediate – Once riders have learned basic track cycling skills on Mondays, the next step is our Saturday morning session. Saturday and Wednesdays are Club sessions and in order to take part in these you need to be a first claim member of either Eastlands or Sportcity Velo. If you are a British Cycling member you will need to get your licence amended to show Eastlands/Sportcity as your first claim club.  The Saturday session runs from 8am to 11am; it aims to develop a rider’s track cycling ability, including the skills and confidence needed to race competitively and safely. Progression through the Saturday sessions leads to full Track Accreditiation, enabling youth riders to take part in track racing leagues, such as the ACT Monday night track league. While the emphasis is on developing track cycling skills, riders must also have an appropriate level of physical fitness. Regular participation in the sessions will help develop this but we advise riders to take part in regular cycling activity away from the track in order to build fitness to start racing. While we do not provide individual coaching our club coaches are always happy to advise riders and parents on appropriate training. Please note that the maximum gear allowed on our Saturday session is 81″ (6.45m or Youth B).

The fee for Saturday and Wednesday sessions is £10 (Discounted to £8 for Manchester residents*), bike hire included. Before you come to this session, you must have completed the Monday beginner’s course.

Advanced – Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm. Invitation only for first-claim riders who are actively competing, progressing from Saturdays. Wednesday sessions are challenging right from the warm-up and teach riders advanced techniques and develop fitness and stamina. Wednesday sessions are often targeted at specific skills, for example sprint sessions or Madison racing. Riders should be taking part in other regular cycling activity in order to develop their all round fitness. These sessions are restricted to fully accredited riders, subject to invitation by the club coaches. As with Saturday sessions, the fee is £10 (discounted to £8 for Manchester residents*).

Bikes – Riders are welcome to use their own track bikes at Eastlands Velo sessions, or to use one of the NCC Dolan bikes.  Eastlands Velo also has a limited number of bikes which can be allocated to riders at Coaches’ discretion, to take part in racing events after they have completed Track Accreditation.  Any rider wishing to take any bike onto the track which they have not previously ridden, should speak to Eastlands Velo Coaches beforehand.  Please remember, track bikes are not legal or safe to use on the road, without a properly functioning front brake.  For information on track bike specification or BC gearing restrictions, please see Useful Documents.

*Manchester residents include any household who pay council tax to Manchester City Council.