Beginners’ Sessions

Beginners – Everyone starts at our Saturday morning beginners’ session, which is also open to non-members. This is for riders from 10 to 16 years of age and runs every Saturday from 8am to 9am.

It is for all riders who are new to track cycling or who haven’t previously ridden on an Eastlands Velo session.  Riders need to be able to ride a 39cm or larger track bike and be able to ride a bike for at least 15 minutes between breaks.  The aim at this level is to teach riders the basic skills and techniques they need to ride safely and confidently with others on the track. The session focuses on riders learning these bike-handling skills in a fun and supportive environment, then getting the chance to progress to track racing and more advanced skills on our Saturday session.

To advance a rider from the Beginners’ group to the Intermediate group, the coaches need to be sure that he or she has developed the necessary skills, awareness and fitness. Coaches will monitor each rider’s progress and assess them for the Intermediate group on Saturdays. Cyclists join the Beginners’ session at different levels of ability, fitness and experience, so it is impossible to say how long it will be before someone is ready for this first accreditation, but normally we would expect a rider to complete at least four Beginners’ sessions before being accredited. Please remember that we cannot guarantee a rider will always be ready to progress after four sessions. If you think you need more practice then try the velodrome’s own youth sessions

Beginners Session bookings

Our beginners’ sessions run every Saturday at 8am.  Any cancelled dates will be shown on this website under What’s On.  Sessions are for riders age 10-16 years of age. There is a limit of 15 riders per session and they must be booked in advance.

Booking on the beginners’ session includes the use of a bike, cycling shoes and helmet. If you bring your own shoes they must have Look Keo cleats.  You sign on for the session at our table in the Riders’ ‘D’ in the track centre. You will also need to complete a registration/consent form for each child, so please allow time for this on your first visit.